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Life provides many challenges that make it difficult to live the life we imagined and to have healthy, happy relationships. Is your marriage or relationship on the right track? Or do you feel stuck, frustrated, flabbergasted, angry, sad, worn down, defensive, tired, or lonely? Do you feel like you are losing yourself? Your relationship? Both?

Maybe you recognize that changes need to be made and are searching for someone to assist you on this path of change. Or perhaps you aren’t happy with your present situation but not sure about what the next step would look like or even if it’s worth taking?

Keeping passion and connection in relationships while also thriving as individuals is a goal many of us have. Balancing these aspects of life can be difficult, especially when life stressors, mental health challenges, or trauma present themselves.

We are here to help you build satisfying relationships that last and are worth wanting. Our couples therapists specialize in helping individuals and couples gain confidence and clarity about the next steps for their life and relationships. Our goal is to help clients achieve their connection and personal growth goals while challenging them to act on the best parts of themselves.

We believe that all humans can grow, but that growth is often thwarted by the challenges that life and relationships bring. We are here to help you tend to your deepest and most hidden desires, to examine the motives driving your actions, and access new levels of joy and fulfillment by honoring the best parts of yourself. We will work collaboratively with you to help you move toward more authentic living and to make new meanings of pain, betrayal, mental illness, or everyday trials.

Our relationships can be a great source of strength, but they can also cause pain and heartache. Whether you currently feel committed to building a better relationship, feel ambivalent about the future of your relationship, or fear that your relationship is on the brink of collapse—The Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, is here to help.

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Why Choose the Kansas City Relationship Institute?

We Are Marriage and Couples Counseling Specialists

Many private and group practitioners are generalists (like your family doctor) who help a wide variety of individuals, couples, and families through their concerns. They likely excel at what they do, but they probably only see a few couples a week as part of their practice. We are marriage and couples counseling specialists (like your orthopedic surgeon or cardiologist), and our practice consists entirely of couples seeking therapy or individuals specifically focused on self and relationship development issues. We are relationship experts, and we are here to help!

We use data to monitor treatment progress

We will discuss your progress throughout therapy and make adjustments in therapy depending on our professional recommendation and your valuable input. All good therapists do this. This is important, but research has shown that often this is not enough. In addition to this, we will have you fill out questionnaires supported by research over the course of therapy to help monitor your progress and to ensure we are on track toward meeting your goals.

We Are an Open and Affirming Institution

At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, we believe we have a part to play in creating a more just world. We believe we must address issues of power, privilege, and injustice in the therapy room. With humility, we strive to open up topics around race, creed, gender, and sexualities, creating a space for clients to bring all of themselves into the therapy room and to share their experiences of discrimination and injustice, and validate their anger, and hurt. We are affirming of all sexual orientations, genders, and relationship configurations. Our team promotes self-awareness and works hard to use our social positioning in the most affirming ways possible. Whatever your concerns, we are here to help you navigate your relationships and get you set up with the right therapist.

Marriage and Couples Counselors Who Care

We are passionate about building marriages and relationships that flourish. Relationships that offer connection, joy, nurture, challenge, fun, and support—in good times and challenging times. That’s what most of us sign up for and hope for when we first get together. But, life happens, challenges in and outside of the relationship arise, and we sometimes find ourselves bruised, frustrated, embittered…maybe even broken.

Marriage and committed relationships are hard. We’re all fallible, and sometimes we fall into patterns that diminish the connection and the joy in the relationship. We understand this and are committed to assisting you in building the type of relationship you desire. We will meet you where you are and work with you to get you to where you want to be—with empathy, support, kindness, and by challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone and into a new phase of personal growth.

Is Couples Counseling Common in Kansas City?

Yes, marriage and couples counseling is a very common service sought by couples to help resolve difficult relationship issues and to build greater confidence and connection in the relationship. Relationships are complex, and sometimes it is constructive to take a step back and get the perspective and support from a relationship professional.

If you feel that you and your relationship could benefit from talking with a relationship professional, do not hesitate to contact the Kansas City Relationship Institute today.

Is Couples Counseling Effective?

Couples counseling can be very effective for couples who are willing to examine themselves and their relationships. We understand that relationships can be complicated and take work. Relationship counseling can help couples understand why communication feels so difficult, where fulfillment is lacking, and what each person can do about it.

Having a relationship expert to help navigate stuck points and work through conflict, hurt, or trauma can lay the foundation for years of fulfillment and connection. Our team at the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, is trained to approach every case with objective curiosity while remaining grounded in a solid understanding of how problems in relationships tend to originate and how to move forward to find greater connection and fulfillment.

Individual Therapy at the Kansas City Relationship Institute

Most people have times in their life when they feel stuck and are not sure where to turn. Maybe you’re struggling to find your purpose, worried that you are not enough, frustrated that you continue to fall into self-defeating patterns, struggling to cope with a recent tragedy, past trauma, or mental health issue. Whatever challenges you face, you don’t have to tackle these issues on your own! We will work with you to develop strategies that give you a blueprint to help you achieve your life’s goals, manage stressors, and experience yourself and the world in a more fulfilling way.

Individual counseling is about focusing on you and your particular needs in a supportive environment that honors your struggle and helps to give you the insight, perspective, and tools you need to live the life you desire.

If you are interested in taking a new step in your journey, call us today.

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Are you living the life you want to live? Is your relationship on the right track? For most of us, the answer to these two questions at some point in our lives is no. If that’s where you find yourself today, let us assist you in building the life and relationships to get you back on track. Our passion, our training, and our purpose is to help strengthen and revive individuals and relationships.

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