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5 Complex Issues Faced in Marriage

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All couples will deal with problems in their relationship, but some issues are harder to fix than others. There are “hard reasons” and “soft reasons” for considering a breakup or divorce 1, The hard reasons include things like adultery, addiction, and abuse (commonly referenced as “The 3 A’s”). Soft reasons include things like “falling out of love,” “growing apart,” feeling ignored or lonely in one’s marriage, differing interests or values, or problems with in-laws, finances, …

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The “Unwinnable” Fights – What They Are & How We Resolve Them in Couples Therapy

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Seven Steps to Addressing Unwinnable Fights & How Couples Therapy Can Help Unwinnable arguments are baked into all long-term relationships and marriages. Like the certainty of death and taxes, you can expect ongoing arguments that sometimes become gridlocked if you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage. We handle these issues in many ways. We can: No matter the strategy, the issue(s) we fight about keep popping up, often with the same results—frustration, hurt feelings, and …