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If you are wondering whether you are alone in having difficulties in your marriage or relationship, look no further than a quick open-ended Google search: “does every relationship…”. You will probably see a list of commonly searched questions that looks something like this:  Does every relationship… have problems?have issues?have arguments?get boring?need space?need a break?have red flags?have cheating? Not every relationship has cheating or needs an official break, but the truthful answer to the rest of
Turning Your Arguments in to Intimacy This three part blog series is inspired by the numerous couples I have seen who have graciously trusted me to help them process and solve their conflict. Conflicts, arguments, fights, whatever you want to call them, expose us. We extend parts of our hearts in hopes of connecting with our partner just to get pushed away. Doing so over and over is exhausting, painful, and overwhelming. In this series
It is unlikely that you and your partner can’t communicate. It just seems that way. Before you click out of this article and chalk up the first line to the musings of a deranged or incompetent counselor, hear me out. Yes, for some couples, communication could be a major problem—but that’s unlikely in your case. Here’s why……. I am assuming you both hold down full time jobs (including if one of you is the primary
Whether you have been married 30 years or 30 days, in-laws have likely come up in your relationship. For somepeople, their in-laws are a glorious fountain of support, wisdom and encouragement. For others, this is not the case. If you find yourself in a tough place with your partner and in-laws, read ahead. Tip 1: Remember that you both love the same person dearly. If all you have in common is that you both love
Forget the Newlywed Game. All we need is a video camera, a judge, and legal entrance into any couple occupied home for the next hit reality show, Whose Fault is it Anyway! Picture this, John comes into the living room, plops himself down on the couch and turns on the TV. A few minutes later, Nancy comes into the room and finding John comfortably situated on the couch, gently says, “John, I thought we agreed