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Boundaries are a crucial part of a healthy relationship where there is fairness in the give and take between each partner. Boundaries can be confusing and difficult to grasp and implement, and because of this, many couples are unclear about their boundaries. Most people think of saying “no” or giving ultimatums regarding clear, well-defined boundaries. Still, there is so much more that goes into setting and maintaining a healthy boundary in a relationship (especially a
“You’re not listening to me!” “Did you even hear what I said?” “Are you paying attention to what I’m saying?” “It feels like you’re just waiting for me to finish so you can dive in with your thoughts!” We’ve all been there, trying to talk to a distracted, disinterested, or defensive partner! It can be frustrating, disconnecting, and sometimes it feels rejecting. If we’re honest, we might have been the struggling listener as well. Why
Why doesn’t my partner trust me? If you’ve asked this question recently—or frequently—I’m going to assume you haven’t given your partner valid reasons for being suspicious of your motivations or behavior (currently or recently involved in an affair, regularly hiding things from them, habitual lying, etc.). If you do these things, then you probably already have an answer to this question! So, you aren’t having an affair, you don’t lie to your partner or hide
All couples will deal with problems in their relationship, but some issues are harder to fix than others. There are “hard reasons” and “soft reasons” for considering a breakup or divorce 1, The hard reasons include things like adultery, addiction, and abuse (commonly referenced as “The 3 A’s”). Soft reasons include things like “falling out of love,” “growing apart,” feeling ignored or lonely in one’s marriage, differing interests or values, or problems with in-laws, finances,
All humans struggle with insecurities, and romantic relationships are sure to expose fears or insecurities you may have been unaware of previously. We all want deeply to be liked, loved, and accepted by our partners, but our insecurities can creep in and convince us to prepare for the worst when these desires feel threatened. This article will focus specifically on insecurities that affect your self-worth and self-image and how these insecurities can impact your romantic