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To Strengthen Your Relationship.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely gotten past two HUGE hurdles towards improving your relationship or marriage:  Acknowledging that your relationship could benefit from outside help.Reaching out to ask for that help.  Both of these steps are very difficult. It’s not easy to ask for help. Now that the appointment with your couples therapist is scheduled, the anticipation about that first therapy session can be rough. (Fun fact: Many couples I meet with actually
How do you find the right couples counselor for your marriage or relationship? How do you know if your therapist is a good fit? These are incredibly important questions, and after summoning up the courage to talk to your partner about going to couples therapy,  it’s vital to find a counselor that can help you work through challenges that you are facing! So, where do you begin? Find Someone Who Specializes in Couples Therapy It’s
If you are past the big hurdle of getting on the same page about going to couples counseling, you are one step closer to strengthening your relationship. Asking for help with something as personal as your marriage or romantic relationship can feel really scary, but feeling prepared can make it easier to hit the ground running when you meet with your couples therapist. Here are some suggestions for steps you can take between now and
Arguments are a natural and important part of all intimate relationships! You can avoid or ignore conflict, but it’ll still be there…..waiting to be addressed. Because conflict is built into all human relationships it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going wrong or that arguing with your partner is bad—conflict is actually a vehicle that can drive our relationships to deeper levels of understanding and connection! Here are three reasons why conflict and the arguments that
​​If you are reading this post, then chances are you have noticed something is off in your relationship (recently or years ago) and want to do something about it. That is huge! You are taking an important step to improve your relationship. The next step can be tricky though, especially if someone in the relationship is hesitant to give couples therapy a try. One of the most common reasons divorced couples gave for not going