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To Strengthen Your Relationship.

Key Points: Couples’ issues are usually best addressed with both partners present and engaged during the change process. Exceptions are when there is active, ongoing violence or a partner who refuses to attend therapy.  Individual therapy is probably the best option if you are not in a romantic relationship or if your goals for change do not have much to do with your romantic relationship.  Couples therapy is probably the best option for you if
Pre-Marital Counseling: What is it? Who is it for? What can we expect? Deciding to spend your life with someone is a huge commitment. Pre-marital counseling (or pre-engagement, pre-moving-in-together counseling) can help you strengthen the foundation of your relationship as you step into this meaningful next chapter of your life together. What is Pre-Marital Counseling? Pre-marital counseling is a building block for a successful future! Preparing for the big day with your significant other can
Help- I need somebody (to save my marriage)! Why is it so hard to ask for help? Whether people are assembling furniture or stuck in a rut with their partner, asking for help can feel overwhelming- or even impossible. Asking for help is hard, even for small stuff. So, it can feel even harder when you are thinking of asking for help with something big, like your relationship. Below are five common barriers to seeking
Whether you are in couples therapy or not, you have probably wondered at one point or another about some tips to strengthen your relationship. If you are in marriage counseling/couples therapy, this list can provide some ideas for making progress outside of your appointments. If you are not in couples counseling, this list of tips will hopefully generate some ideas for ways you can be more intentional about putting in the work your relationship deserves
What is Couples Counseling? Couples counseling is a tool to help couples strengthen their relationship. Couples counselors are experts in understanding relationship dynamics—how they develop, how they get tangled and messy, and how to untangle and improve them. A good couples counselor is kind of like a coach; they help each partner better understand their strengths and areas for growth while at the same time providing insights, exercises, strategies, and experiences that help partners work