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a woman is pushing the man away in the middle of an argument.
All couples have disagreements from time to time, but some ongoing conversations have the potential to be perpetual and corrosive. If couples do not find effective ways to engage around topics they continuously disagree about, such topics can create a wedge and lead to distance and pain. There are 7 main categories of conflict that couples tend to fight about again and again, often with little to no resolution. If you and your partner find
Whether you have scheduled your first session or you are just now looking into couples therapy for the first time, you might be asking yourself “what is couples counseling like?”. The first session can be a difficult and vulnerable place to be in as you discuss your relationship and feelings both with a stranger and your partner. Understanding what to expect can help ease some of that tension as you walk into your first session. 
Couple sits on a couch facing away from each other.
Life is full of positive and negative experiences that shape ourselves, our story, and our relationships. Change and stress are inevitable,  and how we cope ultimately has an impact on our relationships for better or for worse. These life events do not have to prompt distance between couples, but can be used to foster closeness with one another using the 4 guidelines below.  Life Events Can Trigger Distance (or Closeness) In Couples There are a
a woman and a man look away from each other with their arms crossed.
If all relationships struggle at times and there’s no perfect marriage or relationship, then how do you know if what you’re going through is typical or if it’s time to start couples counseling? The short answer is that couples therapy can be incredibly useful for couples just needing a “tune-up” or for couples who have had chronic issues for months or years and maybe wondering if they should stay together. If you are experiencing any
Group of couple of all ages
If you are wondering whether you are alone in having difficulties in your marriage or relationship, look no further than a quick open-ended Google search: “does every relationship…”. You will probably see a list of commonly searched questions that looks something like this:  Does every relationship… have problems?have issues?have arguments?get boring?need space?need a break?have red flags?have cheating? Not every relationship has cheating or needs an official break, but the truthful answer to the rest of