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Forget the Newlywed Game. All we need is a video camera, a judge, and legal entrance into any couple occupied home for the next hit reality show, Whose Fault is it Anyway! Picture this, John comes into the living room, plops himself down on the couch and turns on the TV. A few minutes later, Nancy comes into the room and finding John comfortably situated on the couch, gently says, “John, I thought we agreed
Summer is the time to get out and explore, check off those to-do lists, try that restaurant with the pretty patio and always changing taps. It can also be a great time to mix up your date night routine. The days are longer and there is more time to try something new. At various seasons in your life you’ve likely found yourself in routine. Routine can be a good way for us to stay on
Dr. Jared Anderson of The Kansas City Relationship Institute announces the opening of a new practice.
Couples near Kansas City who are struggling to improve their relationships don’t have to go it alone. Now there’s a new counseling resource for couples that are married, living together or dating – with or without kids in the picture – who want to build stronger, more loving partnerships. Therapists Jared Anderson and Sally Hodges have come together to open the Kansas City Relationship Institute at 4710 South Cedar Crest Court in Independence Missouri. The