Sex Therapy in Kansas City

Sexual challenges are normal, but they don’t have to be permanent

Most couples in long-term relationships and marriages struggle with sexual issues at some point. Whether you and/or your partner are frustrated with your sexual frequency or style, struggling with sexual functioning (e.g., sexual pain, lack of or infrequent orgasm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation), or if things have just gotten a little boring or disconnected, sexual concerns are important to address. Addressing these challenges can be a powerful step that propels your relationship towards greater connection, intimacy, and purpose!

Sex therapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on sexual functioning, sexual feelings and beliefs, and intimate connection, either in individual therapy or couples therapy. At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, our clinicians are invested in ongoing training specific to topics regarding sexuality and sexual health for individuals and in the context of relationships. Sex therapy gives you a professional and secure place to address your concerns and work through those issues either individually or alongside your partner.

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Common Sexual Concerns in Relationships

Sexual concerns and issues are common, and we want to give you the knowledge and skills to address them:

  • Has sex become infrequent and stale?
  • Have you lost the passion and excitement that you used to share?
  • Is sex something you now fight about, where it used to bring you together?
  • Are you rarely in the mood, rarely think about sex, or have lost interest in sex?
  • Do you wonder or fear that your partner no longer desires you sexually?
  • Do you struggle with behavior that feels beyond your control (e.g., compulsive porn viewing, sometimes referred to as “sex addiction”)?
  • Do you have trouble with lubrication, having orgasms, have orgasms infrequently, or with reduced intensity?
  • Do you experience pain during sexual activity?
  • Do you struggle with rapid ejaculation or delayed orgasm?
  • Do you have difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection?
  • Are your sexual encounters less satisfying? Less erotic?
  • Are you struggling to know how to incorporate kink into your relationship?
  • Are you and your partner wanting help navigating the sexual components of consensual non-monogamy?
  • Are you wanting to address sexual trauma that is affecting your view of yourself or your sexuality?

These are just some of the common concerns clients face in sex therapy, and we are happy to work with you in addressing your specific difficulties. We are sensitive to the shame and confusion that can often accompany these issues. At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, we are affirming of all sexual orientations and have experience working with a spectrum of relationship configurations and dynamics. Whatever your concerns, we are here to help you navigate your sexual health and get you set up with the right therapist.

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Specialized Therapists in Kansas City

At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, we help couples address their sexual challenges and concerns in a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential environment. Addressing these issues can become one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your relationship.

What You Can Expect in Sex Therapy

We will begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific situation and goals. This will include gathering information about your current circumstances and any relevant history through a combination of individual and couple sessions.

Often our sexual relationships are affected by the way that we see ourselves (our self-worth), our relationships (do we feel connected to our partner, bitter toward our partner, accepted/rejected by our partner), and our life circumstances (trauma, stress related to work, family, society). Once we have identified individual and partnership goals, we can begin to address issues regarding self-worth, relationship dynamics, trauma, life circumstances, or other factors that affect your ability to accept yourself and be open and vulnerable with your partner. This might look like diving into difficult conversations and learning how to discuss sensitive topics effectively, as well as engaging in fulfilling and exciting self-discovery that will help you overcome insecurities, alter reactivity patterns (e.g., defensiveness, lashing out, avoiding), and move forward on past hurts so you can engage in your sexual relationships passionately, courageously, and congruently.

Depending on your situation, sex therapy can create rapid change. We often expect to help clients identify positive change within the first few sessions or feel confident in being able to identify underlying issues that might require longer-term work.


Rates range from $125-$150 (50-minutes)/$150-$230 (80-minutes) depending on clinician experience and session length. See our full list of rates for more information.

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Still Not Sure if Sex Therapy is Right for You?

Sex is often an essential part of a healthy relationship. Sex allows partners to bond and show their affection towards one another in an intimate way, but over time, sex can become a challenging and frustrating part of a relationship. If you are facing challenges in your sex life, we are here to help. At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, we are sex-positive and inclusive. We want you to feel comfortable exploring your sexual concerns in a shame-free and affirming environment.

Sex therapy allows couples and individuals a professional and discrete place to address the medical, relational, psychological, and societal factors impacting their sex life. Let us help you manage your concerns and develop the tools you need to overcome the sexual challenges you might be dealing with.

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